There’s been a huge amount of excitement in Porthleven of late. Ever since the village’s hot new musical sensation HALF KUT, announced their debut performance at The Ship this Saturday.  We caught up with the band’s singer White Dragon and guitarist Nightrider to find out what all the fuss is about, and why so many girls in Cornwall have been finding it hard to sleep at night this month.

How did it all begin?
A few months back, we went to The Masked Ball dressed as rockstars, and just walked around with our guitars all night. Needless to say, chicks were loving it. So the weekend after, when we were going out on the lash in Penzance, we figured it worked so well we might as well wear the same outfits. Unlike the ball though, no one else was in fancy dress, so just going round the pubs with make up, guitars and black leather and denim was a bit weird. So to try and stop people thinking we were just complete weirdos, we made a plan that if anyone asked why we were dressed as idiots we’d tell them we were on a stag do but we’d lost all our mates. No one even asked though. Think they were too scared.

The next day on the Sunday, still wearing our rockstar attire we went down to The Ship Inn for a pint, and bumped into some mates of ours from the village, who were asking why we were dressed up like twats. So we told ‘em about trying to be in a band, and it turned out they’ve all been doing exactly the same thing. But better than us, they’d even set up a studio at Will’s Mum’s house. So right then and there we all downed our pints  and went off to Will’s mum’s for what basically turned out to be our first ever band practice. The rest as they say in the game, is rock ’n roll history.

I’ve heard Kiss’ lawyers got in touch about your previous name. Is that true?
Yeah, that weekend in Penzance we felt it was time to choose the band’s name. Seeing as we’d pretty much totally copied Gene Simmons’ look, and obviously the KISS name was already taken, we figured the next best thing would be to call ourselves PISS. But according to their lawyers it’s not cool though, so HALF KUT it is.

Any highlights so far?
First public play or our new new single at The Beehive pub in Helston was pretty epic, but sadly it only lasted 20 seconds. The DJ claimed he turned it off because it was shit, but judging by the way pretty much all the girls in the place were screaming “Double Denim”, it’s pretty obvious he was just jealous because everyone liked our music way more than the shit he was playing. The debut gig was pretty mental too. A 50th birthday party full of mums.

Been finding lots of groupies?
Kind of. All of the Mum’s at the first gig were absolutely loving it. So basically if we were 40 years older we’d be killing it. Unfortunately we’re not though.

The first lucky Mum to get all of the band’s autographs

Rumour has it the whole of Porthleven’s internet was down for 2 days because of your first video. Is that true?
Well, we were kind of expecting 5 views on Facebook on the first day, but we got 5 thousand. Pretty sure it’s just because all the mums are talking about us, but any attention is good attention I guess. We’ve had a lot of people shouting “Double Denim” at us since, while walking around the village, and at work.

Goals for this year?
Nail the Ship Inn gig and go down in the rock and roll hall of fame for the best gig ever. And hopefully try and knock Ed Sheeran off the No.1 spot. Then Porthleven Food Fest after that, if we’re still going. And if we can get a slot at Helstonbury in July, then we’ll be able to retire in peace. Unless we decide to have a dig at Xmas number one, but we’ll see how it pans out.

Best gig moment so far??
Breaking a guitar at Dan’s Dad’s 50th was pretty cool. Bits of guitar all over the living room though, so his mum was a bit pissed off.

Any new songs in the pipeline?
We can’t reveal too much, but there might be one about Nigel Farage being attacked by a shark. And another about a celebrity chef who’s name rhymes with Dick. Can’t say any more than that yet or we’d have to kill you.

If you could support anyone, who would you like to support?
Justin Beiber. He liked one of our Instagram posts the other day, so we’re pretty sure he’s thinking about asking us.

What or who inspires you?
Nightrider: Spingo Ale and Paul Gascoigne,
White Dragon: Mad Mary from the village, she’s pretty inspiring. She’s pretty much what I’ve based my singing style on anyway.

Apparently your first public gig is on April Fools Day – are you actually playing or is it a joke?
You’re not the first to ask that, but yeah even though we are a joke, the gig is 100% happening.

We’ve heard the The Ship are worried about structural damage if too many Mums turn up – is that true?
Yeah they’re pretty nervous. The pub’s been there a few hundred years so they don’t want the place knocked down. They’re actually reinforcing the walls at the moment so we should be okay.


Any words of advice to other wannabe rockstars?
Just pretend you’re famous and then you’ll probably end up famous. That’s what we’re doing anyway. Seems to be working so far. Be careful how you make your debut though. We did our first gig at Dan’s Dad’s party so loads of mums are into us, which isn’t so bad, but try not to get introduced to the public on Crimewatch or anything. You might end up with the wrong kind of groupies.

Anything you want to say to your fans?
Come to the gigs, you might even enjoy it.

Anything you want to say to people already planning on going?
Expect nothing and be pleasantly surprised, or whatever the fuck that quote is. And make sure you wear either double denim or a rock ’n roll outfit, or both. Just a heads up to anyone taking the rock ’n roll thing too far though. The  Ship have said they won’t let anyone in if they bring dead animals.

Thanks for taking the time to open up with us boys. See you on Saturday!


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