Our Humble Attempt to Bring World Peace in 2018

Could a couple of pairs of budgie smugglers help bring the world back from the cusp of nuclear war? We bloody hope so.

As much as we’ve tried to turn a blind eye to all the bad stuff happening in 2017, it’s been hard to ignore a certain public slagging match between two men at the helm of nuclear weapons arsenals. No doubt many good souls around the world have been praying for a positive conclusion to the spectacle, but sometimes prayers just aren’t enough on their own. It’s time to act.

So this Xmas, Love Riot MFCEO Rohan Inglis did just that. One hungover December morning, Rohan decided he could no longer just sit on the fence and hope for the best, it was time to do our bit. So in a humble attempt at facilitating world peace he put down his beer and put pen to paper.

There you have it. We’ve not heard anything back from Kim Jung-Un’s or President Trump’s respective teams as yet, or seen any declarations of kissing and making up on Trump’s twitter account, but we live in hope that 2018 is finally going to be the year all the terrorism, war and weirdness comes to an end. The year we all breath a sigh of relief, and say a massive collective “Thank f**k for that!”

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